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Notre Belle Maison | Traditional Interior Design

I am so excited to share this fabulous house that I just received the pictures back on. Meet the Notre Belle Maison. When I begin the designs for a new home, the first step is to come up with a game plan… and at this stage,  it is important to decide what the “theme” of...

Confused with what to do with the space under your stairs?

space under your stairs wet bar

Should I just leave the space under my stairs a regular closet? Over the last several years, not only have stairs transformed into gorgeous design aspects of your home, but the space under the stairs has transformed as well! No longer is it just the storage room of yesteryear. There are so many ways to...

meet allison

What I love most about what I do, isn't necessarily the beautiful home at the end of the project, but it's the journey I love getting you there!