School’s Out, Pool’s Out!

Designing Your Outdoor Spaces Like a Pro

It’s Not What’s on the Outside that Counts

True, but there is nothing like a well-planned exterior space to mirror the beauty of your living space to the nature that extends beyond the walls of your home! Even the smallest spaces can add a great deal of enjoyment and extra entertaining space as the weather beckons us all outside. Here’s how:

Think Outside the Box

When considering how to plan your outside spaces, think about how you would like to use them all year long. Think about the weather during the seasons in your area, about how you entertain and what experiences most appeal to you. Who will use the space? If you have small children or pets, a play area, pool security, and enclosed areas should be considered. If you want to entertain often, think about gathering spots and areas where food can be easily served and enjoyed, lighting, cooling (ceiling fans or water misters) and seating. Focal points are just important outside as they are inside the house too, so consider a fireplace (as seen above) or a water feature of some kind to set the stage for your outdoor space!

All Hands on Deck

Your outdoor furniture is an investment, so keep in mind good quality when planning your exterior’s budget. Low profile furniture makes lounging comfortable but also ensures the pool can be easily scanned for little ones with minimal visual obstruction. Seasonal furniture should be stored when not in use and when well taken care of, can last many seasons. I like placing furniture in groupings designed for specific activities such as entertaining or sun-bathing, etc. so that the family and their guests can enjoy each space as intended.

Inside Out

Everything that makes your home comfortable and beautiful on the inside should be considered on the outside. Outdoor area rugs frame each space and add texture, softness, pattern and color to what is most likely a wide expanse of concrete underneath. Pillows, plants, and weather-friendly accessories add pops of color and encourage use of the space, though I like to keep the outdoor palette neutral (shocker!) so that the eye is encouraged to enjoy the nature around it. Whichever you prefer, your outdoor space is an extension of your home and should reflect the design and intention of the home’s interior space with purposeful thought.

Pool’s in Session

As summer approaches and the weather encourages outdoor gathering, you can create an exterior space that works for you! Pools, trampolines, playhouses, putting greens, and tennis courts are all nice to have in a backyard, but you can have a quality oasis just as easily with 3 square feet of grass or concrete too if you plan your space accordingly. I hope these pictures and thoughts have inspired you to create a thoughtful outdoor space that works for your family this summer. Have a wonderful sunshine season, I hope you make memories outside that you’ll cherish for years to come!



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