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I'm Allison!

I'm so happy to have you here. What I love most about what I do, isn't necessarily the beautiful home at the end of the project, but IT'S THE JOURNEY I LOVE GETTING YOU THERE! I love easing the burdens of CLIENTS LIKE YOURSELF and helping you to find the perfect design that not only reflects your personality but reflects your warmth and character.


The home becomes exactly what you want without the heartache to get there. My job is to create a space that lets you escape life's stresses. Let's Create!

I look forward to seeing your eyes light up when you walk into your home at long last..

it'll feel like a blink of an eye.

I am the owner and principal designer of Allison Campbell Design. After 20 years in construction and design,
and helping to create nearly 400 homes, I feel like I can safely say that my greatest creation is my family. I
am the mother to 4 amazing young men, one fabulous daughter in law and the greatest gift of all, my new
granddaughter! And… let’s not forget my husband, the man who lifts me up at the end of a long day. They
are what brings me joy.


With that said, I love what I do, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I specialize in new construction
and I am able to bring a fresh set of eyes to the construction site. I enjoy working hand in hand with the
builder and all the trades involved in building a home. I am hands-on with all aspects of the build process,
from plans to the finished product. I love to think outside of the box and enjoy the challenge of solving a
problem because let’s face it, there has never been a house built without a hiccup or two. It’s all part of the
process. It’s such a joy to design a home from the beginning, but with the end in mind.


Designing and sourcing furniture pieces that accent the home’s design makes the space come full circle. I feel successful at the completion of a home when I feel my client is family and have kept the builder happy along the way. When I am not working hard to bring happiness through design to my clients, I am found with my family
traveling, lounging, laughing or eating. And recently, just staring at my grandbaby.


Proud Member of the Professional Women in Building and Home Builders Association.

meet the team


chantelle caron


Chantelle was the first employee to join the Allison Campbell Design team. Her attention to detail and drive to create beautiful spaces make her a huge asset. It is evident through her devotion to each project, that she enjoys the process of design and the relationships it cultivates. She is personable and playful in her interactions with clients but takes a serious approach to getting the job done right.
She has several years of experience in the construction industry and has assisted many homeowners through the design process.

A devoted wife and mother of five, she loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys traveling, dance fitness, lunch dates with friends, and online shopping.

kylee casper


KyLee was born and raised right here in Utah. She has been married for 10 years and has a daughter who is four years old.

They feel like they might be slightly biased, but wholeheartedly know that she is the world's cutest! There’s no greater joy for KyLee than being her mom.


KyLee has been in banking for 6 years and enjoys the number game. Solving problems with co-workers, catching small, and not so small accounting issues and helping to keep people’s finances straight is right up her alley. She is excited to continue this passion with Allison Campbell Design.


KyLee loves spending time with family and friends, especially having game nights. She also loves all the things outdoors. Camping, fishing, four-wheeling, boating, hiking...you name it! Making fun family memories is what life is all about for her.


jennifer turnek


Jennifer is from Washington State and has been here in Utah for the past 4 years. While she has been here, she achieved a degree in Interior Design, got married, and had her first baby boy.

She has been furthering her career in the design field over the past 4 years and has fallen more in love with the work. She enjoys helping clients get a better picture of what to expect, and especially seeing the ideas and drawings come to life in the end.


When she is not working, she loves spending as much time as she can outside with her family, whether that’s camping, hiking, or hunting. She is extremely adventurous and loves making new memories, especially with the new addition to her growing family.


debbie barsh


Debbie Barsh, a seasoned interior designer from Utah with a 17-year career, is renowned for her ability to turn spaces into both beautiful and functional works of art. Balancing her successful career with being a devoted mother of two, Debbie has become a prominent figure in the industry.


Specializing in custom homes, Debbie's diverse portfolio includes notable Parade of Homes projects, showcasing her expertise in creating captivating living spaces. Her influence extends beyond Utah, with a reputation for crafting stunning vacation homes and offering full-service design solutions tailored to clients' unique preferences.


Debbie Barsh's passion for interior design is evident in her commitment to excellence, making her a sought-after and influential figure in the field for nearly two decades.


asked questions

How soon should I get a designer involved in the building process?

The sooner the better since often a designer can help foresee layout issues and plan concerns with regard to the Architectural Plans.

Are there different levels of design interaction from a designer on a home?

Absolutely! I specialize in New Construction, which means I am by your side throughout the build. I am available at every turn. You can do just hourly consultation involvement, furniture design, and staging, or design boards only. Let's figure out which level works best for you!

What style do you feel most comfortable designing?

I feel comfortable designing every and any style at all. My job is to determine the style that bests suits you and your home through pictures and conversations. Then we make that happen together. It's important to remember that my job is to make you happy and give you the home you dream of.

How many homes have you helped design or how long have you been working in this industry?

I have been working as a designer for 20 plus years. I have helped to create and build over 400 homes and the list keeps growing as does my experience and expertise.

What if I don't know what my style is?

That's Ok! I can easily determine your style through speaking with you, asking the right questions and getting to know you a bit. I enjoy the challenge of creating a space you didn't realize was your dream.

Is a designer really necessary?

Yes! And I don't say that because I am one. I say that because nine times out of ten, there is a misunderstanding as to what a designer can do for you. Of course, I am there to make sure the design flows and the home is cohesive, but there is so much more to it. As a construction designer, I always have the end result in mind as I begin the process. I am thinking of flow, furniture layouts, practicality, and functionality...all while keeping the design intact. I see homes in 3D, while those around me see them on paper only. I am able to avoid some issues that arise by seeing the problem beforehand. Let me put my 20 plus years of experience to work for you.

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