Starting from the ground up, area rugs help to define the space in which you are placing your furniture. Often, the room will have another defining characteristic, but if not, an area rug can do the trick. Once the rug is placed in it’s appropriate location, typically centered in the room off of an entertainment center, fireplace, window, etc, you can now determine the placement of the pieces of furniture you have gathered. When placing your furniture, keep in mind the object and focus of the room. Is it meant for conversation, centered around the TV or another reason? Once you have determined the room’s purpose, you can then begin the process of placing the furniture. You should create a setup that allows you to see everyone and everything around you as much as possible. This will give you the feeling of a more grounded and centered space, rather than haphazard placement and feeling lost in the large space. 

Not only should the space be inviting, but it should have a visual and functional flow that is soft, and moves your eye throughout the space.  The combination of soft curves of the furniture and straight lines of the rug, will help you achieve this without making the space feel isolated.  


Without color, pattern, and texture your space may be left feeling bare or unfinished. Adding these elements to a large space will add depth and dimension which will bring the space to life. Rugs, artwork, and textiles are a perfect way to add a touch of each of these elements without making the space feel overwhelming. 

Let’s talk colors, every large space needs some warm confident colors. Even if it is a warm neutral color, this will still make your walls appear closer, rather than fading off into the distance. Distribute warm tones throughout the space to have a greater impact. 

Pattern can be a tricky one, but don’t be afraid to jump in! Pairing both large and small patterns will add contrast and help them stand out. A pattern is also a great way to add personality to your space. Our favorite way to add pattern is on small furniture pieces, window coverings, pillows, and throws!

All things texture, the more neutral the space, the more texture you are going to want. Texture can be complex through architectural elements, or as simple as textiles, plants, books, and other accessories. 


In a large space with a lot of furniture it can be easy for your eyes to get lost. Having a focal point will redirect your eye and allow you to feel more in control. In large spaces it is also common for our eyes to naturally be drawn up. What better place to add visual interest than the ceiling? Whether it is complex with shiplap and beams, or a simple lighting fixture, having visual interest on the ceiling will keep your eye moving through the space, and redirect it back to your focal point. 

Scale and weight also play a huge role visually. Having a combination of large and heavy items along with smaller or lighter pieces will add visual weight and help anchor the space. Adding a large ottoman or coffee table to the center of the space can go a long way. 

Lighting is another great way to add visual interest and make your space feel cozy and personal. Whether it is a floor lamp, table lamp, fun chandelier, or a simple sconce, lighting will add the perfect touch in making your space feel intimate and cozy!

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