Bedroom Bliss

Your bedroom should greet you and say “Hey there, hot stuff, come on in, put your pretty little feet up, and stay awhile…” Here are some thoughts on how to get your bedroom to speak to you, too!

Bed Head

Whatever color scheme or wall treatment you choose for your bedroom walls, your headboard should either compliment it or steal the show. White walls? Add a bed with some pizazz such as metal, upholstery, or wood, and if you have a wallpaper or colored wall, the bed should contrast somewhat with what is going on behind it. For instance, the gleam of a metal bed would contrast nicely with a wood paneled wall, where an upholstered headboard would contrast well against a wallpapered wall. Mixing up your finishes adds layers for that high-end look.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Sheets are a personal choice, but once those are chosen, I like to layer over those with a quilt or coverlet, followed by a duvet at the foot of the bed. Down alternative options are my choice for duvet inserts, as they are not quite as warm and do not tend to clump like feather down can. If the bedroom is more contemporary, I like to “stack” my sleeping pillows and stand the shams against them, whereas in a more traditional space, I “stand” both the sleeping pillows and the shams. If an ultra-luxurious feel is what you are craving, then an accessory pillow such as a Dutch euro (20”x36”) or several smaller decorative pillows add a finishing touch that accomplishes just that. Lastly, a blanket or throw casually tossed on the bed is another opportunity to add texture and warmth, while also serving for the occasional nap without having to unmake the bed. 

Bedside Manner

When considering bedside tables, take into account several factors such as space you need for closed storage, whether or not you require a reading lamp, and if you enjoy accessories such as a picture frame or fresh flowers next to you. A cluttered nightstand is one of the first killers of calmness in a bedroom, so drawers for chargers, books, glasses, etc. are a great way to store what you need out of sight. It is most pleasing to the eye when the height of the table is similar to the height of your mattress, so keep your mattress thickness and total height in mind when you are selecting the ideal table for your space.

Night Light

Lighting next to the bed is important, so consider a lamp on your bedside table that casts light downward when you are in a reading position. If your nightstand does not have the space for a lamp, consider pendant or sconce lighting on either side of the bed. Adding a dimmer switch ensures that the light is not too harsh at different times of the day or night. Many people love the movement of air created by a ceiling fan, so if that is a must, choose one with no light kit, as the overhead lighting is almost always too harsh for a space meant for rest and relaxation.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Okay, maybe not red, but a carpet in a bedroom is a wonderful way to add softness, texture and warmth, especially if you have hardwood floors. An ideal proportion for rug placement under a bed is 2’-3’ from the headboard and 4’-5’ past the foot of the bed. The width should be about 3’ wider than the bed to ensure that your feet hit the ground in the morning on a cozy surface. Adding a pad underneath creates a plush and soft sensation that adds to your efforts as well!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a nap! This is a thorough list of must-haves, but each layer is an important one in achieving a restful and elegant bedroom space. I am off to catch some zzzz’s, I hope these hints help you create the bedroom of your dreams, too.



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