The ACD Look

A good designer won’t limit themselves by providing just one “look” or design aesthetic, but if you’ve scrolled through my work long enough, you will definitely see that there is a recurring theme that runs through every space I design. Each space feels calm and welcoming, while embracing both classic detail and current trends. Here are some of the details that create my signature ACD look:


We all have that one high school fashion moment or hairstyle that makes us cringe when we look at it now. Why is that? It’s because we fell victim to the trend of the day, with no thought of how it would age over time. This too, is a mistake often made in home design, with big impact (and big price tag) items following trends that look dated and taste specific after just a few years. To avoid that error, the ACD style is one that is both classic and timeless in large-scale details such as flooring, countertops and finishes. I also give a nod to the trends in the more-easily replaced items such as bedding, artwork and accessories, keeping update costs minimal. Ask yourself: is this selection I am making going to be the AquaNet frosted, winged-hairstyle of the 80’s that I will have to wear for the next decade?


Classic does not have to mean boring. It is easy for neutral colors and classic palettes to appear bland and basic if there is not an intentional effort toward varying finishes and layers. A signature look in my work is that of texture; I layer colors using pillows, throws, accessories, draperies, and wall coverings. This creates an inviting space that is full of warmth and charm.


Lastly, my signature look always includes a mixture of patterns and textures. “Matching” items are limited by trends and can make a space appear forced or manufactured rather than elegant and timeless. When rugs and textiles and furniture appear to have been collected over time and not acquired through a catalog, the end result is a polished and curated one, the look that ACD is known for.

These are some of my favorite ACD looks that highlight the use of layers and textures and timeless silhouettes and finishes. Notice the classic choices on the big ticket items, and how these rooms have, and will, age over time. You can make wise choices using these guidelines and be well on your way toward having the ACD look in your own home, too!



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