Coming Clean About the Laundry Room

Here are some of my favorite tips for creating a laundry room that cleans up NICE:

Does Size Matter?

Absolutely. If you have the space for a large laundry area, then there is a greater opportunity to make it more functional for your needs. When the space is a large one, we can add work stations, laundry sinks, and other intentions for the room that allow it to function specifically for your needs. If your space is smaller, however, that size can be functional too! It will most likely be more utilitarian in its abilities, but smaller does not necessarily mean less than ideal… using the space you have to its fullest potential is something a designer can help you maximize.

Front Load, Top Load or Stackable? 

Determining which washer and dryer combination will work best for you can be difficult, so keep in mind some simple preferences: Top loading machines allow for upper cabinet placement above the appliances as well as hanging rods or shelving. There are mixed reviews about front load machines, but the benefits of that set up include the option of having a folding space right on top of the appliances themselves. Stackable machines are excellent choices for compact spaces and as secondary machines in a primary closet, pool houses, or basements, for example, and in multiple sets, these become a great option for laundry rooms that serve large families.

Fluff-n-Fold Fancies

Other items to keep close by in your laundry room, no matter the size, are a few items that help keep the space organized and primed for washing, drying and working! Firstly, place a trash can close by for lint, pocket trash, and used softener sheets. Secondly, consider a hanging rack for drying sweaters and delicates. There are several options, including compact rods that fold against the wall or wall-mounted racks that allow for several items to be air dried at the same time. Hanging racks can also be included in your cabinetry, keeping it out of sight and out of the way when not in use. And lastly, storage, storage, STORAGE! A laundry room is a great place to store your overstock paper towels and cleaning supplies, your pet foods and kennel, or your household tools. Taking advantage of the storage options within your space will mean that your laundry room can serve many needs at once.

Let’s Get LIT!

Lighting is imperative in a laundry area… making those little stains, rips or loose buttons more likely to be found. Bright daylight, upper recessed lighting and a great chandelier or semi-flush mount fixture will ensure that your space has the light it requires AND that it looks good too. I use 35k lighting for the most neutral white light, which balances well between warm and soft lighting, so keep that in mind when shopping for fixtures and bulbs.

A Laundromat That’s All THAT

So this space is one where as a designer, I can combine the beauty of creative touches with the functionality of personalized details. Here are some extras I like to include when a client has the budget, space and vision that allows me to include some or all of these in the home’s main laundry room:

Deep counter spaces (or rolling carts) for convenient folding stations

Wall-mounted or drawer ironing boards that are close to outlets for quick ironing set-up

Dedicated space for baskets, hampers and storage

Laundry chutes from upstairs bathrooms or bedrooms, or installed laundry vacuum systems

Drawer front washer and dryers 

Fun flooring or pattern changes in the laundry area

Charming tile, wallpaper and window treatments


Some of the pictures I have included here showcase these details, but follow me on Instagram @AllisonCampbellDesign to see more clean, mean, washing machines (and everything else I do in the design world). Thanks for following along!



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