The Holiday Home

One of the countless reasons why I love neutral interiors is because of how well they perform during the holiday seasons. There are many color combinations that evoke a specific holiday association, and sometimes these color palettes can fight with the interior color choices in the background. Strong home color combinations can distract or even fight with your holiday decor items! Soft color combinations, however, take a better back seat to the temporary holiday color schemes we all enjoy at certain times of the year.

Let’s take a closer look to understand the benefits of neutral colors;

Neutral color schemes often mimic nature, making it easy to add organic decor to your space in a refined way. Pinecones, twigs, gourds, metals, woven materials, and stone decor are easily placed in the home as a nod to the holiday seasons without screaming out loud. Keeping your interior spaces quiet and textured will benefit you year round in this way.

Pillows and throws are another way to add neutral warmth that also indicate the holiday season is approaching. A pillow cover with a little hint of silver or velvet trim in an iced hue, or a warm knit throw that’s placed on the sofa, ottoman or the foot of the bed adds cozy texture in quick and inexpensive ways. Softness in textiles encourages family and friends to curl up and stay awhile.

Speaking of texture, layering is another subtle nod to the cooler months of the year. Look for ways to layer rugs on the porch or in the living room, using one with a strong pattern and another with more texture than color beneath. Layer greenery on the mantle, the staircase, tabletops, or on the exterior doors and lights. And consider a little pile of cut wood next to the fireplaces, both inside and outside! Porches, decks and balconies are an often forgotten place where neutral, organic items can offer a distinguished nod to the seasons without a great deal of effort or added cost.

In entertaining your guests at this time of year, the dining table is a wonderful opportunity to add texture and warmth to your space. Show off the wood grain or finish of your table by keeping table coverings to a minimum with a runner or offset tablecloth. Add a textured charger in metal or glass or rattan to keep that wood grain unfettered by fabric. A plate, salad plate, and then a place setting atop will prepare your guests for every course, but also looks lovely when set month long for the holiday occasions. And as you might guess, adding greenery and other organic items such as branches, berries or fronds is one of my favorite ways to add interest and textural beauty to my table. The possibilities are endless!

And lastly, let me admit as a lover of all things soft and timeless, that we all have those items made by our children or handed down from generations ago that do not fit in a neutral color scheme. I still embrace those memories and cherish them as I use them every year in my secondary areas where I can enjoy them. A home is, after all, where we make and keep those memories alive.

A holiday season full of texture and nature and warmth is one that contributes to the gatherings and festivities within your home. And whether or not you love the glamor of glitter, glass and garlands or prefer the fur, feathers and foliage I have suggested here, I hope that you feel empowered in creating a home more nice than naughty… one that will add more “voilá” to your own “fa-la-la” this year and the many years yet to come.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours!



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