This Year Has Been a Gift!

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to take some time to look over just two of several projects from 2022 to see how they demonstrate what I have shared this year on the blog. And while I can’t pick a favorite from all of my projects this year, these both reflect all of the principles of design I have shared with you so far. Let’s take a look:

No Peeking! (yeah, right…)

First is a quick peek into this Lehi home, where you can see some of the many ways it meets all of the criteria for design, function and beauty. There are so many places inside this home that showcase taste, texture and timeless design.

The beauty of neutral decor is on full display here. The varied textures create interest and classic style, so even the puppy looks like he was part of the design from the very beginning!
The butler’s pantry peeks out from behind this beautiful kitchen while proving that functional spaces don’t have to be boring or bland.
Remember my post on essential lighting in a bathroom? Natural light, overhead lighting, and well-chosen accessory lighting work together so wonderfully here.
Textures on top of more textures, the right sized rug, bedside table lighting at the right height, and a headboard that doubles as a focal point gives this bedroom its wow factor, don’t you think? It is both peaceful and visually appealing using a soft palette and both feminine and masculine touches.
Couldn’t you just spend the day in this laundry room? Hidden storage, plenty of folding and organizing space, and functional finishes makes this space SING! Or at least whistle. (Insert song, “Whistle While You Work’ into your brain here, folks).

This home is featured on the Home Bunch website if you’d like to get a tour and some helpful source information. There are quite a few additional pictures and almost every space is highlighted and detailed, so head over to and take a peek! Look for all of the principles I have shared with you and let me know in the comments below which space is your favorite and why!

The Desert Star

And because you have been extra good this year, I want to share one more space that reflects how modernity can be just as warm and welcoming as other design styles. Here we see how the combination of a variety of finishes and an open floor plan creates a home that says, “Come on in and stay awhile!”

This home was a favorite in the St. George Parade of Homes 2022 and I love how it came together, too! The room feels so welcoming and spacious because the furniture and accessories work together for easy movement within the room.
This office was a showstopper! Surrounded by windows and sunlight, this space still offers private and efficient work space. I shared the must-haves for a home office in the blog this year, and how a focal point, intentional lighting, adequate storage and visual interest are important factors for a functional space. You can see here how this resulted in a striking office that is both stylish and functional.
This kitchen mixes metals, finishes and design styles for a collected and upscale result; one that will never look out of date. Mixed metals mean that your space will age gracefully over time!
I worked with Reset Your Nest in organizing this butler’s pantry so that everything this family needed was right at their fingertips. The finishes are similar in style to the kitchen so that it looks coordinated but not copied for a high-end, designer result.

I will have to post more pictures of this St. George home soon so that you can see how beautifully the whole house came together. I work to ensure that every room has its purpose and function supported by classic and well-intended design. This results in satisfied clients who can enjoy their home for many years to come.

Ghost of Christmas Past

It is hard to say goodbye to 2022, and these homes are just two of my favorite projects among many, but there is more design goodness coming to you in 2023! Look for my next blog post where I will share how my clients, my team, and my social media family have been such a gift to me and how we have all worked together to create some beautiful homes that inspire! I love what I do and I love sharing this small window into my world with you. Thanks for following along. For now, I am settled down for a LONG winter’s nap…

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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