And the Alli-cademy Award goes to… YOU!

Exciting progress on a Parisian dream home… wait until you see the inside in 2023!

My dear friends, this year has been a star-studded one (with stars AND studs!) to say the very least. At the close of this wonderful year, I can’t help but reflect on all of the many people who are important to me, both as business associates and as dear friends. Please let me convey here how much I value and respect the many people who play “supporting roles” in our work together toward a successful home build:

Behind the Scenes

Excavation, permits, trash removal, safety compliance, and so many other factors must work together for a smooth process. Even the weather must cooperate!

There are so many skilled people whose work often goes unnoticed once a home is furnished and polished up real nice. These men and women; builders and subcontractors, some of whom I’ve  known for years and others newly acquainted, contribute to my list of trusted workers on whom I rely to make my vision a reality. 

There are exterior contractors such as stone providers, roofing specialists, window manufacturers, masons, concrete suppliers and landscapers who work in concert with a designer such as myself to make the outside of a home safe, welcoming, and consistent with the beauty and detail of the inside.  Without our stone, metal, glass, water, lighting and horticulture specialists, we would not be able to create the outdoor living spaces, entertainment areas, and welcoming exteriors that we do. Thank you.

Lights, Cabinets… ACTION

There is so much detail that goes into the homebuilding process. Architects, surveyors and builders work with teams that have proven themselves attentive to those details, and I have the pleasure to work with SO many of these good people. These craftsmen take my ideas and drawings and make them a reality. For instance:

Superintendents that work for the builders and advocate for the designer ensure that the builder and the homeowner are all on the same page when the pages are ALWAYS changing. I meet and walk through a home-in-process with skilled and experienced framers, as we discuss changes and visualize together what the space will eventually become. Plumbers help identify locations and heights of specific fixtures I have chosen, so that once items are delivered, there are fewer surprises. The electricians I work with are pros at preparing a home for the lighting layouts I have chosen and addressing the custom lighting details that create a statement piece in tall entries or grand stair landings. Drywallers are true artisans that ensure that my corner details or selected wall finishes become the beautiful surfaces my clients dream of. The flooring suppliers and specialists that I work with are just as committed as I am to quality flooring and timeless design. Their installers make every pattern, combination, and layout look flawless and intentional. And speaking of detail, do you know how much skill it takes to be a finish carpenter? If you were to scroll through photos of my work, you will notice the many ceiling treatments, wall treatments, stair designs, and mantles that my design portfolio is known for. The carpenters on my speed dial take those details from my head and make works of art out of lumber and trim and math… lots of math. An artist is nothing without her color palette, and I am no exception. My painters are so wonderful when it comes to ensuring my color schemes work well together; caulking and staining, and spraying and ensuring that every edge of molding and trim and wall and door looks as I envisioned it. And under that paint or stain are incredible wooden works of art that we call cabinetry. The wonderful cabinet suppliers I choose to work with follow my designs down to the last detail, creating great rooms and kitchens that excite the eye and serve their function with regal and effortless capability. The countertop suppliers often have to work around the chaos of different subs coming in and out of a space on varying schedules, and when they do so, they keep the construction schedule moving forward which is so valued and appreciated by myself and by the new homeowners. The counter surfaces reflect that commitment to quality on every kitchen island, mantle, shower, or wall. There are SO many people who work to make a home beautiful, and I am lucky to be surrounded by some of the very best in their fields.

This picture reveals a small peek into the “invisible” work of a master electrician who’s taken into account the wiring needed for a home to have quality sound, security, cable, internet, lighting, automation, etc.
Metal workers create custom railings, woodworkers create unique features using my sketches and their skill.

Don’t Cut to Commercial…

Of course once a home has reached its plumbed and drywalled state, you might think we are close to finished, but that is only Act 1! There is no grand finale without the help of the people who belong in the Hall of Fame for their skills and talents. Lighting suppliers help me select the size and scale of lighting fixtures for each space so that no one is (literally) left in the dark. I am so grateful for the appliance teams I use who have gotten involved early in the process to ensure supply chain issues do not delay delivery of our beautiful sinks and nugget ice makers and ranges and other yummy goodness that make a home appliance suite sing. And I love that when the electricians and plumbers return to hang the lights and install the faucets and other goodies, things go smoothly because they have been placed at precisely the right location that we established beforehand. Cleaning up all the dust and debris is no easy task, and I work with some of the best cleaners in the business who polish and make pretty what was once a job site into what is now a home. 

Not pictured: the head scratching when it came to making this beautiful ceiling a reality. Isn’t it just the star of the show?
When love is found in the details, you know that these garage doors, the exterior hardscape, and the lighting spell out major home palpitations!
This runner will see so much use over its lifetime, and flooring specialists who install a quality product ensure the investment pays for itself in safety, maintenance, and timeless style.
Another ACD detail is this door design, all trimmed out, painted it, and installed. Once she’s all polished, she will SING!

The Curtain Call

Finally, the touches that make what is just a house into a finished home are put into place, and these details are exactly what provides a home with its function and its appeal. I have had the pleasure to work with so many talented people who make function and detail their business. Firstly, the furniture suppliers that I work with handle the manufacturing, shipping, receiving, delivery, delays and warranty issues on the client’s behalf, and that is a service that I am so grateful for! And secondly there are so many other professionals who make my job so much easier and so much FUN! These talented people provide my clients with window treatments, wallpaper installation, pantry organization, individual drawer inserts, custom art, and curated textiles such as cushions and pillows that make me proud to associate my brand with theirs. Their skills echo my passion for detail and set an ACD home apart from the rest. 

I’m Your Biggest Fan

The homeowner clients who select me as their designer allow me to dream big on their behalf. They trust my vision and that I have their best interest at heart. I love the friendships that are forged through this process and I am grateful that through this creative endeavor we call home building, we have also built new friendships. Thank you.

I would be remiss to not give a shout out to my amazing ACD team who help me create and work and keep my head on straight, picking up the pieces if or when I drop them. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and we count each other as friends and as family in a workplace everyone else would envy. (We have SO. MUCH. FUN!)

Final Credits

And to my family… I am thankful for you; for  loving and supporting and helping and filling in when necessary, cheering me on as I work to make people’s dreams a reality. You are  the ones who keep this show on the road and I am forever grateful for your love and support. 

That’s all folks, a long thank you letter for being the kind of people that make my job one that is founded on good design, good relationships, and good work. I love ya for it.



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