April Showers

Put a little SPRING in your step with a shower that takes care of YOU!

Showers are the way most of us begin our day… they wake us up, they rinse us off, and if done right, they create a morning (or evening) opportunity to reflect and relax. I am passionate about creating a quality shower experience for each of my clients, and I would like to share some thoughts you might consider when designing a shower space of your own.

Singin’ in the Rain

Showers have great acoustics for singing your best Beyonce, but the plumbing fixtures you choose can ensure that your total experience takes center stage. For a shower to serve you well, you need to consider its many uses and what shower heads you will need. Do you love to relax? A rain shower head might appeal to you because it sends gentle drops fall from above. Its rain-like flow is rarely strong enough to rinse your hair because of its height and gentle pressure, so this feature should not be your only shower head. Do you like to feel jets pulsating on your backside at the end of a long day? Then perhaps a jetted shower system might suit you well, as you can place the adjustable jets at the height and spacing you prefer. One feature I almost always advise my clients to consider is a handheld shower head feature, as this makes rinsing off easy without getting your hair wet and also makes cleaning the shower easier. Take a tour of a plumbing showroom and see what options appeal most to you!

Shower Power

If I were to make a list of some “must haves” for a shower, I would include three things: One, a bench or seating of some kind. I like to place the bench under the main shower head where it works as a ledge for leg-shaving and as a place to relax and enjoy the heated water. I make sure my tile guy knows to slope the bench slightly so that water doesn’t pool on the horizontal surface and I keep the bench top a solid surface rather than small tiles for easier maintenance and cleaning. I like to be sure the bench is close to a handheld shower fixture, which places number two on my “must have” list for the reasons discussed above. Sitting on a bench and directing water with the handheld onto your back or neck allows for instant relaxation. (And a handheld may or may not act as the “mic” for the aforementioned shower solos!) And thirdly, I like to surround my showers in as much glass as possible. Glass looks pretty, but it also keeps the heat in where you’re surrounded by cold tile. Take a look below at how these showers were designed using seating, a handheld fixture and glass in even the smallest spaces:

Dream Steam

Steam showers and heated flooring are options for larger showers and are a consideration if you have the space and extra budget. Keep in mind that natural stone is not steam-friendly, so I use porcelain, ceramic, or other man-made materials to keep the shower looking great for years to come. Large showers can be cold to the touch, so warming the tile and stone via heated flooring is the ultimate luxury in your hydro getaway. I often extend the relaxing experience by placing towel warmer drawers just outside the shower, or even warming towel racks inside when possible, and soft, refined textures to enhance relaxation. Let’s take a look at some of the wet areas I have designed that take these features to the next level in luxury:

Luxury is found in every detail in the above examples. Textures, patterns and placement of your fixtures enhance your experience, and using a designer to help you make these decisions is an investment that pays off with every use!

Be My Guest

Guest bathroom shower areas are a great opportunity to add some strong personality to a space that doesn’t get used as often as main areas of your home. This provides a client with the chance to use color or pattern in a way that won’t become tiresome by regular use and instead is a welcoming detail to the guests who use it. Let’s look at how color can add drama in a shower space:

Shower Power

The ACD model of texture and timeless detail is evident in all of these pictures, and I hope they inspire you to think outside the stall, I mean box, when designing your own shower. There are so many options at so many budget levels to help you create a relaxing and functional space for yourself. When you consider how well a shower can serve as a form of self care, each of these options are ones to consider seriously. Think about your favorite color and textures and patterns, and combine them with the water fixtures that fit your lifestyle best. When put together in one space, you will give yourself a gift that pays off every morning! Add a little Beyonce solo and you’ve got a winning combination that echoes over time as well as your shower does!

Love and happy singing,


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