March Madness

Room to Play for MVPs, Coaches and Cheerleaders Alike!

Home Court Advantage

For many people, March is the month where Winter turns into Spring and the sun peeks out hinting at warmer days ahead. Not here. In Utah we have had our fill of record-breaking snowfall and we expect even more snow in the coming week, so we have had plenty of time to enjoy the indoors. If you are caught inside in the winter months too, perhaps you might consider utilizing an empty garage, a basement space, or a custom court dedicated to your home team by way of a sport court. With large spaces such as these, you can move and play all year long! Or at least the kids can play while you go hide in the pantry (where you hid the Girl Scout cookies) and pray to the florescent lights that Spring will soon be on its way. No judgment here… pass the Tagalogs, please.

Root, Toot, Toot for the Home Team

Pardon me, that must have been the chili dog. Anyway, nothing breeds team loyalty better than having your team colors represented well on the court at home. Personalizing your space in this way encourages family fun and represents a little family culture. These spaces attract movement and play with large windows (especially in those basement spaces), excellent sound (for music over a speaker system or just your own karaoke solos) and room to spare for whatever game you want to play with plenty of room to invite others to join in on the fun!

You’ll notice that the above spaces have equipment for other activities too, making this a space that encourages movement and gatherings of all kinds. Because of their size, volleyball nets can be added and taken down when not in use, as can dance bars. Rock climbing, dancing, Zumba, family stroller races, even parties and dances can be held in this room because of its low-maintenance, made-to-play finishes. This room is almost a guaranteed return on your investment!

Spectator Sport

These spaces can be great for live action, but don’t forget you can add scoreboards of currently playing games or televisions so you can watch AND play too! These spaces encourage not just athletes, but their biggest fans to watch the activities from the bench OR the sofa.

This client closes the drapes when the hotshots have gone home, but when the grandkids are over and are making memories, the large window encourages cheering and coaching from the main level. Think about windows as opportunities not just for light, but for adding opportunities to watch the fun. I have put bar tops and stools in front of spectator windows, trampoline pits (see last picture, below), attached home gyms so that mom or dad can keep an eye on little leaguers while working out, too! Large windows allow you to watch your own home version of ESPN… Especially Special People Nearby making memories!

Time Out

Lastly, in the time it takes for a quick commercial break, I like to make sure my clients can access water, equipment (such as towels, a first aid kit, nets, balls, air pumps, and/or mats) and a bathroom. Some of my clients like having the laundry room nearby too, for easy clean-up of course, and I often install a locker or two so that equipment and shoes can be kept organized in one place. Here are some of my favorite water sources (GREAT for school fill-ups) and for re-useable water bottles all year long!

Tile surrounds are a MUST for water stations. Splashes, sweat and slurping are all welcome here!

Home Run

Doesn’t this court just beg for a good game and some serious sweat? I love the moodiness and style captured in this space using concrete, steel beams and exposed wiring for an urban look!

This review of home sports spaces sure went quickly… almost as fast as it takes for me to switch seats at the restaurant when I see a TV with a game, ANY game, playing so my husband doesn’t devote all of his attention to the screen instead of me, his trophy wife. (Why do restaurants DO that?) I am a mom of four boys and I love to compete, so spaces like these can really be an opportunity to make memories at all stages of family life and they are FABULOUS for encouraging teens to come over and hang out. I hope you’ve seen some inspiration here that encourages you to find some space in your custom home plans for a sport court. It’s a win.



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