My Top 5s: Must Haves in a Primary Bathroom

We all love a beautiful primary bathroom BUT beauty isn’t everything when it comes to this space. You likely start your day here getting ready for whatever the day holds for you and you likely spend time here to rest and relax after a long day. This space should be a place you love spending your time. I want to share with you the 5 things that I would not skip when creating your Primary Bathroom!

Heated Floors

Tile is cold! And there is nothing worse than having to start your day standing on cold floors or getting out of a relaxing bath or shower to be met with a cold floor. When building a new home or remodeling a primary bathroom you should absolutely consider the benefits of adding heated floors. Not only will this change the overall feeling and warmth of the space but it will also help with resale value of the home.

Separate Tub (If Possible)

It may not always be possible to have a separate tub from your shower depending on the space but if you can, then you should! Tubs are amazing for relaxation and having a separate space where you can decompress after a long day or just because you love it. It is so important to be mindful of your needs. Having a separate tub also changes the entire aesthetic of the space and elevates it immensely. There are a few different options for the type of faucet with the tub; floor mount, deck mount or a wall mount. Not only are separate tubs beautiful in the space but they are also functional, having a tub and a shower allows two people to utilize the space at once.

Steam Shower

Steam showers are absolutely amazing and something that I encourage having in your primary bathroom. These have so many benefits for your well being and overall provide a healthier shower experience. The following things are benefits of having these in your home:

  • Great for your skin 
  • Great way to relax
  • Great for at home aromatherapy 
  • Great for when you are sick or when your kids or grandkids are, it helps clear your chest and nasal passages.

But of course this may not be for everyone, my daughters in law don’t enjoy it like I do! 😛

Decorative Fixture Above the Tub

These provide an element of beauty and a focal point in the space. They are great for ambient and mood lighting. 

BUT SHHHH… these do need to be installed after final inspection.

Handheld Shower Head Separate From the Stationary Head

Last but not least you definitely want to have a handheld shower head that is separate from your stationary shower head. There are multiple reasons that these are a necessity and make life easier:

  • Easier for anyone who shaves their legs
  • Easier for those days when you don’t want to wash your hair 
  • Easier for showering small kids or grandkids
  • Easier for cleaning the shower

There are so many important parts of a bathroom. These are just some of the things I think are important to consider most!

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