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This week I’ve been part of a fun Kitchen Design Round Table. Kitchens are one of my absolute favorite things to design, and I’ve been lucky enough to design a lot of them! I thought it would be fun to focus on secondary kitchens, otherwise known as the “kitchenette”. Today I’m sharing the same tips I shared in my Instagram stories as I wanted to make sure you had access to them permanently.

9 TIPS to creating an awesome kitchenette. (cause 10 tips is silly)

TIP 1- Show intention for your space by adding a beautiful backsplash.

TIP 2- Two-tone cabinets are a fabulous way to ground your space while also making it look timeless. And let’s not forget that a splash of color will make the basement kitchenette feel light, bright and well designed!

TIP 3- Don’t forget to add in some amazing lighting. Lighting is often referred to as the jewelry of a home. And…who doesn’t love jewelry?!

TIP 4- Marry the spaces around it. This kitchenette was adjacent to the game room where a ping pong table, pool table and air hockey resided. So, we used the board games as decor, which brought in some whimsy to this classy kitchenette.

Design and decorate for your audience. If you’re home is filled with family often, create a space that encompasses them!

TIP 5- Draw the colors from the cabinetry to the furniture and decor. Color is your friend….treat him well! But on the flip side, simplicity with a punch of wow is definitely a great way to go as well!

TIP 6- Add details to the space to make it user friendly. Know your audience!! Lots of teenagers? Make sure there are plenty of snacks handy and made visible….cause let’s be honest, they’re planning to raid your cupboards anyway!

TIP 7 – Don’t be afraid to mix up styles. The image below was a mountain modern home…I wanted the basement to feel warm and inviting. I blended whites with warm tones. Leather chairs, wood shelves, and greenery.

TIP 8- Color can be your friend! Don’t be afraid to try some color.

TIP 9- Don’t be afraid to try something new! In this last example, we didn’t want the kitchenette to be cut off from the great room feel of this basement. So a pony wall was the answer!! We got all we needed into this space and it still felt all inclusive. Tell me what you think? Are you ready to create that kitchenette?

P.S. I linked a bunch of the backsplash materials and lighting for you because I love you all!!

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