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Shades of white can feel sterile, glaring or even boring. Here are five of my favorite whites that are clean, fresh and calming and certainly not boring:

Chantilly Lace

OC-65 Chantilly Lace a Paint Color by Benjamin Moore | Aboff's

Chantilly Lace is my go-to white when I am looking for a clean and crisp color that is versatile for all areas of a home. When used as a trim color, this shade of “true” white combines well with other neutral shades.

Simply White

BM- Simply White

Furniture courtesy of Hamilton Interiors

Slightly warmer and richer, Simply White is a milky shade that remains a true white as lighting grows dimmer throughout the day. This white is a friend to warm wood tones and complements other surfaces and textures it shares space with.



Even if you’re lactose intolerant, Alabaster is an excellent choice because of its creamy freshness! This shade has a rosy undertone that balances out the sterility some whites can evoke. This shade is a good choice where there is plentiful natural light.

Swiss Coffee

With good reason, Swiss Coffee is a designer favorite for its warmth and versatility. This white is an excellent choice for almost any surface and is my go-to for trim and ceilings because it does not fight against the colors or textures placed alongside its surfaces.

Egret White

This shade is my favorite organic white that harmonizes with the grays and browns found in many of today’s textural trends. Egret white is a moody choice for spaces that want a little drama without darkness.

When using white in your home, consider these guidelines I often follow in my designed spaces: 

When painting walls white, an “eggshell” finish adds a little sheen so that the wall reflects the light rather than absorbing it like a flat finish would. And when painting cabinets and trim, choose a “satin matte” finish so that these curvy details subtly shine against the spaces they are framing. A variation in sheen creates an intentional and professional look. 

What are some ways to prevent white from becoming boring? Layer, layer, layer! Shades of white in different textures and sheens add interest and dimension in any space. Plaster finishes, painted surfaces, textiles and accessories in varying shades of white create a classic and timeless feel in any space. Keeping these guidelines in mind will result in a home that is ANYTHING but vanilla!



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