Do you want your kitchen to SING? Consider a medley of several different metals in your space versus the one-note solo of a single metal finish. Mixing metals within your home is one of the best ways to layer warmth and visual interest. Here’s how:

FAUCET LINK: https://www.brizo.com/kitchen/product/63063LF-BLGL
LIGHTING LINK: https://www.hansenlighting.com/dunbar-1-light-pendant-in-warm-brass-with-bronze-accents/sku-1MLEW


Use between three to five different metals in your space to create an intentional departure from the builder-grade, uniform look in the same way matching jewelry and shoes to a dress would do. Mix it up! Consider your plumbing, cabinet hardware, and lighting in different metals that complement each other, such as the combination of stainless steel, polished nickel and gold. 



Blacks and bronzes are trends that can look heavy and may look dated in the next decade, so keep in mind trends versus timelessness when choosing these details so keep their silhouettes modern and current when they are used. Champagne bronze and polished nickel are classic choices that will serve you well over time and will outlast other trendy finishes. We ALL remember the polished brass of the 80’s (shiver) so keeping metals mixed will prevent the need to replace these “golden girls” before their time. 



If you favor using all one tone ( ALL silver or ALL gold throughout, for instance) but still want to create a more custom look in your kitchen, consider layering the finishes and sheens so that they don’t quite “match”. Many appliance manufacturers, hardware and plumbing companies are offering more and more options, and I am all about it! Look for words like “satin” and “matte” and “polished” to help you get the variety you want in a finish, while keeping the color the same.

Metal Finishes

Use these rules to make each space sing… metals are the jewelry of your home, and these rules will help you get the high-end look you crave!


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