Your Own Home Spa-aah

Your bathroom is the place where you both begin and end your day… here are some ways you can ensure that this space is one that starts your day off right in the morning as well as one that encourages relaxation and rest at night: 


A luxury bathroom is one of the perks of a vacation stay. To get that look at home, consider layering textures within your space. Matte finishes against polished surfaces add interest and variety. Layering colors that are similar rather than matching is another way to be sure your space looks refined rather than forced. A neutral palette, in colors like blush, cocoa, linen or gray keep your space soft and flattering while escaping the need to update more trendy color combinations. 


Lighting in a bathroom is an often-overlooked feature that affects the mood and functionality of your space. I always use recessed lighting both above and behind where a person would be positioned at a vanity. Pendant and sconce lighting illuminate the face, so keep that in mind when selecting their position. Vanity lighting placed above the mirrors add focused lighting above one’s head which is helpful for makeup and grooming accuracy. Lastly, the power of filtered natural light in a window or a skylight above is nature’s way of adding a welcome glow that varies throughout the day.  It is not uncommon to use all of these lighting sources in bathrooms to create both softness and brilliance that designers are known for achieving.


Countertops and horizontal surfaces are another way where spending a little more for elegant surfaces pays off big time. I love the look of honed or polished marble, quartzite, quartz or porcelain in a bathroom. There are many options at almost any price point that will help you create a high-end look at a small expense that pays off big time.


Clean surfaces and clutter-free spaces are a MUST for a spa-like experience in your own home. The key to keeping your space open and relaxing is to have adequate and plentiful storage. Cabinetry, closets, shelving, baskets, containers and apothecary jars are all ways in which items can be stored away and organized so that you can enjoy a space that feels both refreshing and relaxing.

These tips should help you create a spa-like bathroom that uses the power of light, the gloss of stone and the clarity of clean space; starting and ending your day with the perfect setting for you!



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