Love is In the Details

Colin Cowie, famous lifestyle designer to the stars, once summarized his craft in one easy phrase…“Love is in the details”. If he is right, then as a designer of dream homes, love is my name and details are my game! This month, I thought we would take a look at the little things I LOVE that make a house a home.

Glass, metal, wood and concrete are a winning combination while the abundant light adds shine and reflection to this carefully planned space that welcomes gathering and conversation… a perfect setting for the purposes this family LOVES.

Humble Brag

 I am going to toot my own horn for a quick second (toot, toot… pardon me!) I am known as a technically skilled designer with an eye for precision with a unique ability to envision a home when it is still on paper. And I am passionate about the details that make a difference at the ground (and underground!) level, unseen by most, that are vital in creating a quality home. And while quality and craftsmanship are paramount in creating a home that will serve your family for decades, it’s the small and subtle little touches that set a home apart from the rest. As a designer, I look for opportunities to add personality and charm to the rooms I design, and when the last of the furniture is placed and the accessories curated and set just so, it’s the little whispers of consistency and charm that take center stage. Let’s take a look at some of the details from my past projects, and then you can comment on which one is your favorite!

Cupid’s arrows are evident everywhere in this photo shoot… which details are your favorite? The elongated brass handles? The cabinet color that looks grey or sometimes blue, depending on the mood? The French knotted vintage rug that ties in all of the various shades of YUM? The clean edge on the countertops that marries itself well with the personality of the tile and the rustic texture of the concrete hood? The crown molding? The classic striped linen window shade? The unique and ample lighting? Or maybe the bold choice of black appliances that ground the airiness of the other surfaces? The details here WHISPER, they don’t shout, so they look effortless and collected over time. Goal accomplished!

Knock, knock…

Doors. They are what greet your guests, your friends, your pets and your family at each entrance of your home and in every room and every space set apart for a purpose. I love finding new ways to add personality to the doorways of a home in surprising and unique ways:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then doors are the nose… they come in all shapes and sizes, if they have a little bling, it makes then more interesting, and they give the whole face (or facade!) its personality.
Pantry and mudroom cabinetry doors can welcome you home with a melody of classic notes… brass, black, fresh white and elegant woodwork make these cabinets SING!
A classic eyebrow arched metal door with glass inserts are an unexpected detail that assert this home’s personality from the front porch.
This kids bathroom barn door bears the homeowner’s “captain’s quarters” medallion… a fun bunkhouse touch that speaks to the family’s love of the ocean.
this sliding door is a winner in every sense of the word… unique, functional, visually appealing, and with its size and unexpected style, it serves as a stylish piece of art as well!
This front door is an impactful first impression of what lies inside, echoed by the glass encased home office and the repeated pattern found in the lighting. This combination creates drama and an unexpected beauty.
Barn doors don’t have to be boring! This classic door adds filtered light to an ensuite bathroom with clean and classic lines.

Bathing Beauties

A bathroom has a specific function, but that doesn’t mean the room has to be predictable. I love combining tile and lighting and plumbing and surfaces in unique ways that add glamour and elegance to an often overlooked space. Tile and stone can be combined in countless ways:

This bathroom tile is WOW with personality to spare. The coral penny tile and the horizontal detail on the walls is such a fun choice!
Here is another fun tile layout that adds drama to a small space using direction and variation to add interest.
The details in this bathroom abound-a-plenty… contrasting tile, a concrete vessel sink, a faucet that is functional AND beautiful, and lights that stand out yet work together with the whole she-bang. She-bang is a technical term for one amazing bathroom.
Here is another bathroom with curve appeal! Mixed metals, grass cloth wallpaper, and another faucet seemingly nodding in approval, this classic look will stand the test of time while looking both current and timeless.
This primary bathroom has so many opportunities for drama and unique selections… three shower heads, two benches, one AMAZING spa-like space. Which detail is your favorite?

Choosing Favorites

These are just a FEW of my favorite details in some of the projects I have worked on, and there is SO much more that I would love to share. Next week, we will look at impactful flooring and how textiles add detail to a space while also adding softness and texture. When you add a little personality and charm to your home, you add a personal touch that gives your home its unique and curated look. I love helping clients accomplish that, and I would love to know which details you enjoy, too!



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