Love is in the Details Part 2

Are you ready for some yummy visual eye candy? I hope so, because with all I have collected here, you just might get a toothache! I have been gathering some photos from recent projects to show you how details in choices such as flooring and window treatments can add warmth and beauty to a home in some pretty fabulous ways. Here we go!

The Magic Carpet

Let’s start with the impact of flooring in a space. Many homes have just one or two flooring choices placed throughout the home, and if that’s your only option right now, then the consistency and uniformity of one selection is nothing to balk at. Here is where the value and impact of a rug can really make a difference. You can see above that the bold zebra rug has great visual impact while also tying in with the client’s collections from his international travels.
The picture above is a great example of how an area rug can add instant warmth and texture in a space that has a uniform flooring choice. It creates a frame for your furniture placement and sets the space apart from other areas in a soft and natural way. Adding an area rug to your space creates gives that area purpose and intention and is easily traded out once it’s worn or as trends and your tastes change. So much bang for not a lot of buck!
Carpeting can be functionable, durable, AND beautiful. The visual impact of the three flooring choices above showcase the power of considering different flooring options in the total design of the room. Patterns can add direction, color, and luxury while supporting the other colors and design choices found elsewhere in the room!

Absolutely Floored!

Tile makes me smile! There are so many wonderful tile choices for every room in your home that offer texture, color, and visual impact. A little can go a long way, as you will see in the example below:

Let’s start with one of my favorite examples of impactful tile. This bathroom showcases beautiful tile on the walls as well, but look at how the choice of an earthy green hex grounds this bathroom in a way that allows the other details to SING without getting lost in all of the visual pattern going on. This choice layers the details one upon another, instead of competing with all of the other graphic elements in this space.

Pattern can showcase your own personality and create a sense of surprise and charm in any room in your home, including your stairs!

It’s a surprise party in here! Using tile in an unexpected color and shape as I selected for this powder room creates emotion and visual impact… Your eyes are drawn immediately to the charming enlarged blue penny tile, and encouraged to rise and take notice of the brass legs of the vanity, the floral knobs of the drawers, and the classic finishes this room will showcase (wait until this baby is fully staged and ready for the client!) Go ahead, let your eyes wander, I won’t judge…
Tile can also differentiate a space in a subtle but effective way, as shown above where the room transitions from the primary vanity area to the soaking bathtub. This curvilinear transition customizes the space and adds texture, glamour and even safety to an area likely surrounded by water.
The impact of an intentional flooring choice can unite a space and make it special. Notice how the flooring above echoes the pattern of the ceiling without competing with it. The area rug provides function and softness and directs the eye to the beautiful details of the space. Working together with all of the elements in this entry, it says, “Welcome home.” Details such as this one are one of countless ways I make my clients’ homes special!

Best-Dressed Windows

One detail that puts the finishing touch on any space is the choice of window treatments. Sometimes the softness and luxury of voluminous draperies is the best choice for a space, and sometimes a simple black framed window is all that is required to highlight a great outdoor view or clean aesthetic. Let’s take a look:

This room was designed for a young lady, but I was very intentional that it not look like a bubblegum unicorn palace. The choice of pattern and color for these draperies gave a nod to the feminine feel of the room without spewing estrogen. The window treatment adds a layer of softness while filtering the early morning light this room gets during the summer months.
Here the window covering choices are less detailed and provide texture without interfering with the utility of this breakfast nook and backyard exit. The colors of the window treatments echo the other selections in the space and unify the room without a lot of fuss.
The impact of these framed windows is obvious and dramatic. Using a grounded classic color like black adds framing to a beautiful view, it draws the eye outward and then to other black elements in the room, tying it all together, and adds the impact of artwork on otherwise large wall. When you welcome nature into the home as bare windows do, the oneness created is both welcoming and ever-changing with the seasons. If nature is the star where you live, consider inviting Mother Nature in as a permanent guest!
Here the window treatment was designed as a textile detail that adds drama and weight to the lower half of the space so that the lightness of the ceiling would be echoed by the upper thirds of the window. Using the two colors in this proportion draws the eye upward to the curved, tiled ceiling.
I like to play with color blocking and light to add that wow factor in a small space that might otherwise be overlooked.

Winning Combination

These two pictures are evidence of how the softness of intentional flooring and window coverings can finish off a room with that “designer touch”. The layers, textures and interest these details add to a room are unmatched by most anything else! A minimal window treatment (shown in picture #1) can balance out the other patterns in a room while adding softness and texture, framing the view. And in the photo above, with its classic patterned flooring, you can see how the placement of an area rug sets the conversation area apart and separates the room from its other purposes. The windows are framed by linen draperies that echo the colors and patterns found throughout the room (details, baby!) and their rounded shape frames the curvature of the windows (also echoed by the coffee table and the piano), working together to highlight the shape of the room which is so unique. With the details of rugs and window treatments, your room can sing and absolutely take center stage. Both rooms showcase how flooring and window treatments work together to direct the personality of the room and with today’s options, a room can have as many personalities as I do!

The thought and effort that I put into the designing details of flooring and window treatments are just some of the ways I create the ACD look in my clients’ homes. There are many details in my toolbox; bannisters, moldings, wall treatments, furnishings, staging, door styles, hardware… my list of details is endless, just like my love for YOU! Thanks for following along, I encourage you to look for ways to add detail and love in your home and life too. When you do, you are more likely to have a home and life you LOVE.

And this wouldn’t be a love letter to the details if I didn’t highlight the companies that make these details possible. National Flooring Brokers in Orem, Utah has so many wonderful flooring options to choose from, and their installation services are some of the best in the industry.

And for any window treatments you might be considering, the team at Uptown Drapes are my go-to supplier for quality, custom window coverings. Don’t hesitate to give them a call and they will handle the rest!

Here’s to more detail, more eye candy, more good design by yours truly, and more love in your world. Happy 2023!



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