Room to Grow

Creating spaces for the little ones we love!

I love designing all sorts of rooms for families and I especially enjoy creating spaces where children can grow and live comfortably too! I utilize the same design principles in kids’ rooms that I use elsewhere in the home so that there is a consistent flow from room to room. Bedrooms present the opportunity to create a calm and restful sanctuary for each person in the home, regardless of their age, but here are some rooms I have created for pint-sized residents with full size results!

The Pacifier… Neutrals

Here’s some homework: When looking at these pictures, imagine a crib, a toddler bed, or a full-size bed in each of these spaces and see how easily each would work as a child grows from baby to teen! A crib would work just as nicely here framed between the pendant lighting, don’t you think?

Firstly, I like to use neutral colors (surprise!) in the space for several reasons: they are calming and provide a background for any color scheme that may come and go as the child ages, Also, neutral colors create a harmonious palette with the other areas of a home, supporting a consistent flow throughout. And honestly, neutral color schemes in a room are more practical and cost effective since they do not require constant updating as a child’s interests change.

I often use a long dresser like the one shown above in a nursery with a changing pad on top so that little clothes and diapers and blankets have an easy and classic storage option. Then, as the child grows, the changing pad topper is easily removed and the dresser remains, leaving no need to purchase a different piece of furniture!
If this room were a nursery, I would have placed a glider or rocking chair in the corner for reading and rocking. Now that a teenager occupies this room, a swing is more appropriate for a young person to do the same.

Soft to the Touch

Neutrals work for both feminine and masculine spaces, and a well-designed space will transition easily with a simple change of color scheme. Keeping traditionally gender-specific colors limited to the bedding, window coverings and accessories means that any room can switch occupants with minimal effort or cost.

Children of all ages respond to texture from the earliest age, as it offers comfort and tactile interest. Using velvets, fringe, linens and faux furs offers these sensations in their bedding and seating for a soothing and inviting space they can call their own.

The softness of carpeting, fabrics and hues add a heightened sophistication to bedrooms, and children’s spaces are no exception. A well-padded carpet and/or area rug provides sound absorption, warmth, and a comfortable place to play. This creates a cocoon-like effect in a children’s space, which is so comforting. When bedding and window coverings are soft in texture and in hue, they add to that comfort with a sophistication that will stand the test of time.

It’s a Wall World After All

This shiplap wall featuring a deep marine blue is classic and bright without being too intense or gender-specific. Homework: what colors would you pair with this wall treatment color? Blush, coral, green, wood tones as seen here, or metallics? There are SO many neutral and classic combinations when you choose a color that plays nicely with others!
This wall treatment choice is going to age well, no matter the occupant! Because of its soft and classic pattern, this wallpaper choice would work just as well in an infant’s room too and transitions well as a child grows, seen here.
This wall treatment is fun and youthful, adding a punch of interest to an otherwise neutral space. Wallpaper is a fun and easy way to add personality with minimal commitment.

A Nook for a Book

Lastly, one of the ways I like to include in a young person’s quarters is a small space where they can read, imagine, conversate with friends and family, or get away from the world. If the space allows, I will design a window seat, nook or alcove for such activities, and they become such beloved details! Take a look below and see if you would enjoy spaces such as these in your own room:

These are just some of my favorite ways to create a personal space for little ones that will grow along with them in a classic and cost effective way. I hope that you can find some ways to add personality and softness to the rooms that grow along with your little person too. Texture, color and personality are some ways you can provide tangible comfort to the ones you love most. I’m all ready for a good book, a lullaby and then a nap, thanks for joining along!



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