Double the Fun

How to create a BUNK ROOM that’s a SLAM DUNK room!

I love designing kid’s spaces because the challenges of space and function push me to create rooms that work well for little people in a beautiful way. Let’s take a look and see how these rooms go from what could be a “yawn” to a “yowza” by keeping several things in mind!

Small but Mighty

This space is a small one, but it feels generous because I have kept the intention for this room in mind. It has ONE job… sleep! When a space is small like this, I use neutral colors to enlarge the space visually and I keep furniture and extras to a minimum. A room this size still accommodates three guests (imagine how this would benefit your AirBnB rental!) or the occasional overnight sleepover in your own home. And for easy bed-making, consider a bunk-friendly blanket and sheet combo such as those pictured here and below by They are a game changer for sure! With one easy zip, the bed can be made, making it easier for those hard to reach places!


Bunkbeds can sometimes feel utilitarian and somewhat cold…they’re often pushed against the wall and the metal or wood can feel unwelcoming, but NOT HERE! I played with the bunk rail pattern and the result accomplishes both safety AND style. This space is also slightly bigger than the first example picture, and because this room has the space to allow for a little bit of play and did not require extra furniture since it functions as a guest room for visiting kiddos, we were able to play with the configuration of the bunk shape. This bunk includes stairs instead of a ladder (a slightly safer option for little climbers), and the L-shaped bed shape brings the furniture out into the room so that both sleepers can enjoy the great outside view. The graphic patterns and colors keep this room looking playful and classic, making it a great combination for young children or teens who might share the space.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Dust Bunnies Bite!

Sometimes a room has to perform many functions and I am always up for the challenge! Here I created a bunkroom that can accommodate NINE sleepers as well as storage for their little overnight necessities at Grandma’s house. We kept distractions to a minimum in this space, as there are several places elsewhere in this home dedicated for play and storage, so this configuration encourages late night giggles and easy clean-up with classic lighting for reading. But don’t overlook the space under a bed for additional storage or sleeping space!. This location keeps those dust bunnies at bay and allows for even the littlest of sleepers to join in on the overnight fun without risk of falling.

Yes, Baby, You CAN Have it All!

Bunk rooms can be functional without sacrificing style as shown above. With space for baskets, book and toys on either side as well as along each top bunk as shown above, a room can be personalized easy without a lot of clutter. Railings and ledges can complement the home’s aesthetic and function beautifully while also displaying an unexpected pattern or style combination. Soft colors welcome patterned pieces that have both masculine and feminine appeal. These beds function just as well as sofas and lounge areas during the day as they do as comfortable beds at night!

These are some ways to ensure that a bunkroom performs well for YOU in your child’s room, guest room, vacation rental or getaway! Bunks consolidate space and provide a real punch of personality in any space with the right bedding, proportions and configuration. I hope that if you have to double (or triple!) the function in a bedroom, you’ve learned some good advice and seen some good ideas here from me, your forever bunkmate and friend!



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