Playing House

Fairytales Can Come True

There are several places within almost any home where there’s an opportunity for a dedicated space that belongs exclusively to the kiddos. I love to find creative ways to incorporate these small areas into any home where little ones can play with (and contain!) their toys. Let’s take a look at some of the places where I have utilized a nook, a place under the stairs, or even a whole room where children can use their big imaginations!

Finding Use for That Little Space Under the Stairs

Every inch of your home should serve you and your family, and the space under the stairs is no exception! These spaces can be used for short term storage (think holiday decorations, luggage, or games, etc.) or even as pet kennels for our furry friends to sleep. But there is nothing better than designing a little home for little people to play and pretend that is all their own! Let’s take a peek:

Adding grown up details makes these spaces look intentional and well-designed, yes, but the “real” doors and windows add to the joy these little clients receive when playing inside a home of their own! The windows in this play space allow for lots of light and the ability for supervision from a distance by caretakers. Can’t you just see little faces peeking thru these door and window openings with pure glee?
The details on playhouse facades add to the imaginations of both young and old when they are taken seriously. Who wouldn’t love to play inside this little house where a dutch door welcomes you into the land of make believe? Which is your favorite detail on this mini house? For me, it’s GOT to be the copper rain gutter… but the lighting, hardware, stonework and door details all place a close second!
This little storefront is a nod to the family name and its history and is fun for any little entrepreneur to play in! Again, the details of the brick facade , dutch door signage, and lighting make this play area a real experience for boys and girls!
Little houses should be full of detail while also kid-friendly… stain resistant flooring for little messes and sound absorption are kept in mind, a door big enough for getting adult help with clean up, and real moving parts that are child-safe and authentic in detail.

A Space to Call Their Own

Sometimes the need for a dedicated play space warrants a dedicated room for fun. These rooms need to grow along with their playmates, so I like to keep textiles playful and youthful, but not overly juvenile. This allows the space to transition along with the interests of the children. Keep an eye out for your favorite details below:

This dedicated kids space accommodates both toddler AND teen. Intentionally shallow shelving holds games, toys, books or journals neatly, leaving floor space for play or for hanging out with friends. And who wouldn’t welcome a loft that encourages imagination and even accommodates overnight guests? I am an adult (allegedly) and would LOVE to spend time in this space… it welcomes imagination, reflection and the details make me so happy!
This space has petite play things now so that little people have a space to call their own, but as they grow, the little table can be moved away, adding in a craft table, bean bag chairs, or library shelves for bigger kid interests.

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Sometimes space does not allow for a dedicated area for play, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at “extra” space, no matter how small, for ways in which it can be utilized to serve the family who lives there. A small landing outside of a hidden storage room, a bunk area within a playhouse, a bedroom corner, or a little space under the stairwell don’t have to call attention to themselves as anything other than a place for someone of ANY age, to rest, relax, hide or play. We are all, after all, children at heart.

I challenge you to look for opportunities within your home where you might create an inviting space for your littlest guests to have a space to call their own. I believe in creating spaces that encourages the BEST parts of being at home… it is, after all, the place where we make our memories with one another. Like all good fairytales, I hope we are all able to say after a long trip, or even an especially long day, “There’s NO place like home”.



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