A Season of Gratitude

During this time of year I find myself reminiscing on the past year. The projects we worked on, the people we worked and interacted with, and the clients that hired us. I want to take some time to share my gratitude for the things and people that make what I do possible. 

A big thanks to the subcontractors and vendors that work with to bring our designs to life. I know that it isn’t always easy (don’t I know it!)  but I appreciate the work you do to make the process so seamless each and every time. YOU MATTER!

I want to thank the builders that we get to rub shoulders with. I love getting to know and understand the way you work. The knowledge I gain from working with each of you, allows me to implement new learnings into future projects. I truly appreciate your patience as I learn and grow with each project and I am thankful for the beautiful creations that you help bring to life. YOU MATTER!

To my amazing clients. I wouldn’t be here without your belief  in me; for that I am immensely grateful. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such amazing clients, everyday, who help my team and I stretch our design muscles and create beautiful spaces. YOU MATTER!

To my team, I am so grateful for the countless hours you tirelessly put in to bring to life these beautiful spaces that we create together. You are each always there to make sure the designs are accurately drawn and that all our ducks are in a row. You keep me in line time and time again. You laugh at my crazy and try not to laugh at my serious. YOU MATTER!

I am grateful to work in an industry where not only do I get to meet new professionals, and build those  business relationships, but I get to make amazing friends. I have had the opportunity to make friends with individuals I have never physically met before through the conversations we are able to have on a myriad of social media platforms. I feel that I have created a home in the industry beyond what I ever could have imagined. YOU ALL MATTER!

Last, but definitely not least, I am grateful to my family. The people that I love the most and are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. Thank you for listening, trusting in me and being patient as I get to live my dreams. I couldn’t do what I do without the support I receive from my husband, each of my children and their spouses, and especially the sweetest granddaughter. YOU MATTER!

As you are gathering with your families, friends and loved ones during this holiday season. Please remember that if you are reading this…YOU are my family now too!



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What I love most about what I do, isn't necessarily the beautiful home at the end of the project, but it's the journey I love getting you there!